“Cherish your visions and dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.”  Napoleon Hill

All-3-of-usKnown as the “Magnificent Manifestor of Motherhood”, Echo Allen is inspiring women worldwide to obtain their dreams, one baby at a time.

From humbling beginnings, Echo Allen a.k.a Lorraine Allen was born in the South Bronx, New York City and is not a stranger to overcoming adversity. A graduate of Syracuse University School of Architectural Design, Echo began her career as a successful architectural designer in NYC. Shortly, after surviving the September 11th 2001 attack, Echo transformed her career, relocated to Los Angeles, CA and created a successful real estate development company called, “Reign International, Inc.” Although she enjoyed a successful career combining real estate, television and film (www.echoallen.com), what she really desired was a family. However, working long hours and making money, consumed her life. Before she knew it, Echo’s child-bearing years were quickly fading.

By her mid-forties, Echo was told she should give up the notion of birthing a child. Although she looked healthy on the outside, she had endured previous health challenges. Diagnosed with a tumor on her ovary at age 19, Echo had a Myomectomy and one of her ovaries was removed. Years later, Echo was diagnosed with having multiple fibroids in and around her uterus thus making having babies difficult, if not impossible.

Then the real estate crash of 2008, devastated Echo’s empire and forced her re-invent her life. Determined to make her dream of motherhood a reality, Echo’s journey of personal development and self-care began thus transforming her mind, body and spirit. She traveled to the holy rivers of the “sangam” in Allahabad, India to attend the The Kumbh Mela- “The largest religious gathering on earth.” It was there that she worked with spiritual gurus, Satyen and Suzanne Raja of Warrior Sage. As she deepened her spiritual practice, she created, “The Goddess Training Academy, Inc.” as a safe haven for women to re-embody the art of femininity. In addition, Echo began implementing the spiritual teachings she learned at The Agape Spiritual Center under the guide of Reverend Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith. It was there that she strengthened her metaphysical practice and manifestation of spiritual laws.

The work of Abraham-Hicks and Napoleon Hill contributed to Echo’s ability to change her mind-set regarding her fertility. Her deep commitment to this “inner work” helped her to manage unsolicited advice from doctors, family and well meaning friends. Echo applied these principles in her own life to achieve “the insurmountable goal” of birthing a baby after the age of 45.

As a result of this spiritual journey and evolutionary growth, Echo is now the proud mother of two children, Tristan and Trinity. Now a life-changing motivational speaker and empowerment coach, Echo created “Think and Grow Baby, LLC.” a personal development coaching and consulting company. Since the birth of “Think and Grow Baby, LLC,” Echo has written several books: “Date To Attract Your Mate”, “Manifesting Motherhood” and “Think and Grow Baby.” She’s created motivational products to assist women worldwide in manifesting their baby, such as “Baby in a Box: 8 Baby Steps to producing a healthy baby.” Her movement and powerful motivational approach has helped hundreds of women obtain their dream of birthing their baby after the age of 40. She is also the supporter of Le Leche League and The American Fertility Association (AFA). Her life’s mission is simple: To inspire, teach and motivate women to obtain their dream of motherhood, one baby at a time.

To be a worldwide, recognized leader creating a movement, which inspires women over 40 to renew their mindset and obtain their personal best.
To provide real, proven methodologies and information that will encourage risk, breakthroughs and develop new ways of being, which lead to personal excellence: Mind, Body, Spirit.
That each member of the Think and Grow Baby (T.A.G) team consistently operate with Humility, Compassion, Outrageous Fun and Integrity while holding the space for personal transformation.